Friday, 9 July 2010

12s2-39 feedback

1. lip-synching was very good you could clearly see the audio track was placed perfectly with the visual track
2. the editing was very good, the use of dissolving the visual tracks together was very interesting
3. the costumes and the candle worked well with setting the mood of the song
4. camerawork had a good range of angles

Feedback from S2-37

Quality of lip syncing:
lip syncing was really good, in time and everything

Editing choices:
fades really well put in , fit in well with the genre of the song, set the atmoshpere, blending of shots

black and white background worked really well

high angles worked really well, showing vulnerability


The quality of lip syncing?
The video maintains a high standard of lip syncing throughout the video. Very convincing and in time creates an over all realistic feel. A real believable performance.

Editing choices?
clever and appropriate editing to fit the genre of music. Not too busy and in your face. In sync with the tempo of the music.

The mise-en-scene tells a story appropriate to the lyrics and a convincing performance allows for the viewer to empathise with the story line and makes it seem very realistic.

The camerawork shows a variety of different angles and close ups to heighten the emotions portrayed in the characters. The close up of the flame is poignant when in conjuction with the lyrics of the song.

Editing is suitable for the genre and conjuncts with the tempo of the song. A longer duration of shots on the faces allows for the viewing of the lip syncing and emotions.

Tuesday, 29 June 2010

Initial Ideas

  • All black and white
  • LOTS of fades
  • Candles
  • Guitar
  • Dresses (flowing dress)
  • natural makeup
  • straight hair
  • simple and elegant
  • candle light/ subdued lighting.
  • subtle storyline- relationship bewteen man and woman
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